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Maeve (VRChat Avatar) [Personal License]

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VR Full Body tracking ready

Custom PBR Texturing

Toggles (Dissolve):
- Clothing: Top, Bodysuit, Bra, Panties, Hoodie, PJ's, Shoes (Radial) (Flat,Heels,Socks,Slippers), Skirt, Trousers
- Accessories: Waist Chain, Metal Choker, Crystal Choker, Glasses, Horns, Stocking
- Jewellery: Rings, Piercings
- Appendages: Ears, Tail

Texture Adjustments:
- Top, Hoodie, Bodysuit, Skirt, Trousers, Bra + Panties + Socks, PJ's + Slippers
(All Individual Radials)
(3 Styled Texture Presets, 3 Plain Versions (Red, Black, White))
- Tattoo Toggle

Hue/Colour Adjustments (Radials):
- Outfit Hues: Top, Hoodie, Bodysuit, Skirt, Trousers, Underwear (Bra, Panties, Socks), PJ's + Slippers
- Full Outfit Hue (Overrides individual hues)
- Crystal Hue
- Skin Tone
- Eye Hueshift

Hair Adjustments:
- Bangs (Radial):
   ⤷ Messy, Drapes, Blunt, No Bangs Bangs
- Back Hair (Radial):
   ⤷ Half Up (Short), Half Up (Long), Thrown Up, Low Buns, Low Pigs
- Clipped to Pony toggle (Only works with Options 1, 2 and 3)
- Hair Texture (Radial)
- Hair Hue (Radial)
- Hair Emission Colour (Radial)

General Adjustments:
- Boob and Butt (Radial)
- Nail Size Toggle
- Disable Blink Idle

- Clothing, Texture, Hue, Hair, Everything (Overrides all Randoms)

Physbones Contact Receivers
- Head pat, Nose boop, Ass + Boob Grab, Hand Hold, Belly Rub

All details above are depicted in toggle video provided

7 Custom Hand Gestures + Facial Expressions

TPS Set up with 5 Orifaces (Compatible with Raliv Shader, no extra shaders needed)

Unity package with Scene + Prefab ready for upload

What you get:

- Avatar Unity Package (No Scripts Exported)

- Poiyomi Toon 7.3.50_To_8.1.163 Unity Package

- Instructions on how to Download, Import and upload the Avatar

(All necessary components are provided in package)

Avatar was exported using the CreatorCompanion.

Terms of Use:

- This avatar is protected under a copyright license, and is not allowed to be distributed, given out, sold or reuploaded anywhere but my Gumroad. Any forms of re-distribution will be met with a DMCA.

- Personal use ONLY. You may make edits for personal use providing you have purchased the original avatar, and credit is given where due.

- No public uploads of this avatar

- You are not allowed to re-use/re-publish any part of this avatar

- Please message me on discord if you wish to use this avatar for any other platform (VTubing, twitch etc.)

Credit list:

Body, Head, Ears + Tail : Sugs#9795
(Head has scratch eyelashes + eyebrows remade and all blendshapes reworked by me, Head must NOT be reused under any circumstance)

Base Texture(Tattoos by me) : Miriloo#8133 (Honeylab)

Head + Eye Textures: Sivka#3788

Sneaker Shoes: NippNipp#0001

Glasses + Rings (Comissioned, No reuse): Eggly69

Unity Setup: Dragon Boi#0001

Everything else (Heels, Clothes, Hair, Accessories etc.): Sadge#3333

Showcase Video: clikk#6571

Absolutely NO reuse allowed on any of the assets above, these are personal edits/sculpts specifically done by me and are not allowed to be used in any way, be that personal or commercial.
(You can make personal edits of this model, and change clothing. You cannot asset mine this model)

Avatar Statistics:

24 Materials
286,654 Polygons
42 mb download size
Avatar was created in Unity 2019.4.31f1

Toggle Video:
Showcase Video:
(For anyone unable to see them through Gumroad)

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Last updated May 31, 2023


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Maeve (VRChat Avatar) [Personal License]

49 ratings
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