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Leighton (VRChat Avatar) [Personal License]

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VR Full Body tracking ready

Custom PBR Texturing

Toggles (Dissolve):
   ⤷ Clothing: Top, Shorts, Jacket, Jacket Vest, Socks, Shoes, Bra, Panties
   ⤷ Accessories: Bucket Hat, Choker, Glasses, Gloves, Goggles, Kneepad, Lollipop, Headphones, Phone
   ⤷ Appendages: Ears, Tail
   ⤷ Jewellery: Anklet, Belly Ring, Chains, Earrings, Facial Piercings, Rings

Colour Adjustments:
   ⤷ Jacket Colour (5 Options as shown)
   ⤷ Jacket Vest Colour Swap (Black to White)
   ⤷ Top + Kneepad Colour Swap (Colour to Grey)
   ⤷ Shoe Colour Swap (White to Red)
   ⤷ Bucket Hat Colour (Black, White, Red)
   ⤷ Outfit Hue Shift (Top, Kneepad, Shoes, Lollipop included)
   ⤷ Skin Tone Slider
   ⤷ Eye Colour Hue Shift

Body Adjustments:
   ⤷ Boob, Butt, Ear, Tail and Nail Size Adjustments
   ⤷ Disable Ear and Tail Idles (Ear twitch + Tail Wag)
   ⤷ Sharpened Eyes (For that extra bitchy look)

Hair Options:
   ⤷ Hair Swap (Short Style to Long Braided Style)
   ⤷ Hair Colour Swap (Material Swaps)
   ⤷ Hair Texture Adjustment
   ⤷ Hair Hue Shift
   ⤷ Hair Emission Strength + Colour
   ⤷ Hair Emission Rainbow Mode (Constant Colour cycle)

- Physbones Contact Receivers
   ⤷ Head pat, Nose boop

All details above are depicted in toggle video provided

7 Custom Hand Gestures + Facial Expressions

TPS Set up with 5 Orifaces (Compatible with Raliv Shader, no extra shaders needed)

Unity package with Scene + Prefab ready for upload

What you get:

- Avatar Unity Package (No Scripts Exported)

- VRCSDK3 Unity Package

- Poiyomi Toon 8.0.426 Unity Package

(All necessary components are provided in package)

Terms of Use:

- This avatar is protected under a copyright license, and is not allowed to be distributed, given out, sold or reuploaded anywhere but my Gumroad. Any forms of re-distribution will be met with a DMCA.

- Personal use ONLY. You may make edits for personal use providing you have purchased the original avatar, and credit is given where due.

- No public uploads of this avatar

- You are not allowed to re-use/re-publish any part of this avatar

- Please message me on discord if you wish to use this avatar for any other platform (VTubing, twitch etc.)

DISCLAIMER: All branding on this avatar is FICTIONAL. None of these brands exist, they were created for this avatar specifically to mimic real life branding.

Credit list:

Base+Head: Sugs#9795

Bucket Hat: KC#5344

Shorts: Gashina#1960

Shoes: NippNipp#0001

Fishnet: Pandaabear#9873

Glasses, Headphones, Eye Texture: kri#1214

Ears+Tail: Cupkake#6666

Phone (Prop only): Lod#0741

RCE: Alc#0002

Locomotion: WetCat#6969

Material Setup Help: LuckysRevenge#4444

Unity Setup: Dragon Boi#0001
(HUGE thank you to Dragon, cannot commend them enough for the work they did! HIGHLY recommend if you need any unity work doing!)

*Jacket(s), Underwear, Hair, Jewellery, Goggles, Lollipop, Gloves: Sadge

Showcase Video: clikk#6571

Absolutely NO reuse allowed on any of the assets above, these are personal edits/sculpts specifically done by me and are not allowed to be used in any way, be that personal or commercial. **Hair will be sold separately at a future date, and underwear will be posted in my nitro channel on my discord!

Avatar Statistics:

27 Materials
220,169 Polygons
64mb download size
Avatar was created in Unity 2019.4.31f1

Toggle Video:
Showcase Video:
(For anyone unable to see them through Gumroad)

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Leighton (VRChat Avatar) [Personal License]

50 ratings
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