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SC: Build - A - Hair (Hair Assets) [Commercial License]

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3D Hair Assets created in blender (Originally made for Maeve) for VRChat



All Hairs are UV'd Cicieaaa's Hair Textures

All Hairs have 1 Material unless stated otherwise

No Textures included

All Armatures include a Root Bone parented to a Head Bone

Super Low Poly/Optimised

Each option comes with it's compatible attachments (Listed below and in Purchase Options)
Bangs are compatible with all Hair Base options

All pieces in each option are all exported together, you will need to hide/delete the parts you do not wish to use

The concept of this hair is to build your own hair with the options available, or use them all together within a toggle in Unity

Hair example video provided of hair rigged on an avatar in VRChat (Shown on Maeve)

Option 1:

Half Up Base

Polys: 3,660 Bones: 1

High Base

Polys: 7,246 Bones: 1

Long Hair (Half Up Compatible)

Polys: 6,730 Bones: 62

Short Hair (Half Up Compatible)

Polys: 5,484 Bones: 36

Pony (Half Up + High Compatible)

Polys: 2,492 Bones: 6

Clipped (Half Up + High Compatible)

Polys: 2,068 Bones: 3

Materials: 2 (Hair + Clip (No Textures)

Option 2:

Low Base

Polys: 9,622 Bones: 1

Low Pigs (Low Compatible)

Polys: 6,080 Bones: 12

Low Buns (Low Compatible)

Polys: 4,848 Bones: 4

Option 3:

Bangs 1

Polys: 1,960 Bones: 17

Bangs 2

Polys: 1,588 Bones: 16

Bangs 3

Polys: 2,152 Bones: 20

Bangs 4

Polys: 476 Bones: 1


.FBX (Pieces in each option all exported under 1 FBX, import into blender and seperate as needed)


Free Hair Card Textures: Cicieaaa#7777
(Please download and use these textures for the hair, no hair textures will be provided)


Terms Of Service/Licensing:

  • Credit when using: Sadge#3333/Sadgecc +
    (MUST minimum credit my Gumroad, crediting discord only is not sufficient)
  • Commercial License valid ONLY for completed models
  • No redistribution or re-sale of this asset individually in any way
  • If you wish to use any asset of mine on a Public or Free model, please message me on discord.
    (You cannot use this asset in this way without prior consent)
  • No use of this asset(s) without prior purchase through this page
  • Only for use on VRChat
    (If you wish to use this asset in another format or platform, please contact me prior to doing so)

Failure to comply with these terms of services after purchase will be met with a DMCA.
Do not purchase if you don't agree to the terms.

Inquiries of any kind:

Discord tag: Sadge#3333

Discord Server
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Refunds not applicable

Refunds not applicable due digital product, once purchased you possess the files with no way of retracting.

Last updated Jun 21, 2023


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SC: Build - A - Hair (Hair Assets) [Commercial License]

21 ratings
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