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April (FREE VRChat Avatar) [Personal License]

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This is a free avatar, you are not required to pay for this content. However, if you wish to donate it would be greatly appreciated!

Please respect that I have published this for free even though my own content, time and work has been put into this. Please DO NOT repost this anywhere, redirect anyone wanting the avatar to this page.

If you are unable to upload yourself and would like to clone her in VRChat, message me on discord :)

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SFW (Mesh underneath all clothing has been deleted)

VR Full Body tracking ready

Custom PBR Texturing

Toggles (Dissolve):
   ⤷ Headphones
   ⤷ Shoes

Colour Adjustments:
   ⤷ Skin Tone Slider
   ⤷ Eye Colour Hue Shift

Body Adjustments:
   ⤷ Boob + Butt Size Adjustments

7 Custom Hand Gestures + Facial Expressions

Unity package with Scene + Prefab ready for upload

What you get:

- Avatar Unity Package (No Scripts Exported)

- VRCSDK3 Unity Package

- Poiyomi Toon 8.0.426 Unity Package

(All necessary components are provided)

Terms of Use:

- Personal use ONLY. You may make edits for personal use providing you have purchased the original avatar, and credit is given where due.

- No public uploads of this avatar (I will make a public upload of this avatar, please message me if you wish to clone from me)

- You are not allowed to re-publish any part of this avatar

- NO REUSE is allowed for any part of this avatar, that includes but is not limited to anything in the unity package, the model and textures. All assets used on this avatar have been linked below and provided.

- Please message me on discord if you wish to use this avatar for any other platform (VTubing, twitch etc.)

Credit list:

Base+Head: Sugs#9795

Hair, Socks, Shorts: Sadge#3333

Hair Texture: Cicieaaa#7777
(If you want to alter the hair colour on the avatar, please download this and replace the texture on the hair material)

Dress (Reworked completely): rinebean#1111

Shoes (Optimised, UV'd + Textured by me): Dizmaral#8932

Headphones, Eye Texture: kri#1214

Locomotion: WetCat#6969

Absolutely NO reuse allowed on any of the assets above, these are personal edits/sculpts specifically done by me and are not allowed to be used in any way, be that personal or commercial.

Avatar Statistics:

11 Materials
69,918 Polygons
47mb download size
Avatar was created in Unity 2019.4.31f1

This avatar is NOT quest compatible, it uses cutout textures that are unable to be translated to quest.

Please leave a rating if you enjoy her! Alternatively if you have any issues feel free to contact me on discord!

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April (FREE VRChat Avatar) [Personal License]

221 ratings
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